Vanesa Cueto

Our Founder

Vanesa Cueto, a first-generation American with Dominican and Bolivian roots, is a rising star in the jet charter industry. After working for a leading jet charter firm and running her own luxury fabric distribution business in New York City, Vanesa launched The Private Coterie in late 2019, with a mission to provide quality, personalized customer service that goes above and beyond the norm.

With a laser focus on attention to detail, Vanesa's dedication to developing long-term relationships with her clients has paid off, especially during the pandemic. Her family-oriented approach to private jet chartering has helped keep every member of the family happy and satisfied.

Our Founder

At the age of 30, Vanesa is one of the few females leading a business in the jet charter industry, and she is making waves. Her company is expanding its services by launching a monthly newsletter full of exclusive content and in-flight curated gifts to elevate the client experience.

Moreover, Vanesa's charitable work is equally noteworthy. She supports Horses of Hope, a charity that helps individuals heal from trauma through equine-assisted activities.

Fun-loving and passionate, Vanesa enjoys horseback riding and dancing to Latin music. She is also a proud new mom!

How We Work

We keep it simple yet transparent

Gather Details of Your Flight

We identify what you want for your travel experience. With our access to private airports,  we find the closest airport in relation to your departure and destination cities.

We Shop

We scan the aviation market with the leading databases to find options that fit your travel needs, supply you with details varying in luxury and cost while staying consistent in safety & performance.

Say Yes to the Jet!

We send you the booking contract with payment options to reserve your aircraft.


We handle ground transportation, catering, and travel requirements so that you can enjoy a serene flight. You will always have us one email, call, or text away.

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Horses of Hope

The Private Coterie is a leading jet charter firm that supports Horses of Hope, a charity operating across the United States. Horses of Hope offers equine-assisted activities to individuals who have experienced trauma, including military veterans, abuse victims, and those with mental health challenges. Their programs promote emotional, physical, and social well-being, and The Private Coterie is proud to donate a portion of its profits to support this important work. They also provide volunteer support to the charity in various ways. As a business that values community and giving back, The Private Coterie is committed to making a positive impact in the world through their ongoing support of Horses of Hope.

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